Crystal Catacombs – Review (PC)

As Captain Vasil Ravencraft your out on a journey to discover the treasures that dwell deep within the fabled catacombs, but your quest will not be easy, as is always the way with these things. Evil creatures and demons haunt the catacomb’s various lairs, which each have their own theme, and will make your life difficult. Ruthlessly difficult.

Top 5 Friday Presents: Top 5 Indie Game Developer Meltdowns!

Indie gaming is a serious business these days, but it is sometimes a little too serious for my liking. An industry that was started for fun has become the domain of a few sanctimonious, self-aggrandizing, and downright annoying developers. Admittedly, some small part of me secretly enjoys the controversy courted by these mavericks, so let’s take a look at five of my favourite game developer meltdowns.