Dary’s Legend – First Look (PC)

Dary’s Legend is an indie rogue-like being developed for PC and Mac by Different Pixel, and is currently in Alpha. The game can be found on Desura and voted for on Steam Greenlight.

In Dary’s Legend, you journey through a dungeon – par for the course for any rogue-like. Dary is a warrior, but there are hints that other classes will be available in future builds. At first glance, Dary’s Legend is very reminiscent of Dungeons of Dredmor; a comedic take on rogue-likes, though the comedy in Dary’s Legend is much subtler.

Dary's Legend 01The game is well-animated, which lends well to the comedy aspect of the game. A good example of this is when you idle, your character will ask if anyone’s there, start to drool and tap his foot as he awaits your return.

In terms of similarities to traditional rogue-likes, Dary’s Legend has a few. The aspect of having to feed your character is gone and food restores health only. The game can be controlled via mouse or keyboard, but is much easier to control using the mouse. If you do decide to use the keyboard the controls are quite intuitive – such as ‘P’ to Pick stuff up – which is a good thing, as there is currently no tutorial. While missing a lot of aspects of more traditional rogue-likes, Dary’s Legend has enough to be called such, and it can be difficult, though it lacks the harshness of similar games.

Dary’s Legend is friendly to players new to rogue-likes (other than the lack of tutorial), giving the option to turn perma-death off and showing health bars of enemies when you scroll over them, encouraging the player to keep scrolling over things to find out more about them. Pressing ‘J’ will open up your Journal, which contains quests, a monsterpedia and stats.

Dary's Legend 02While traversing the dungeon in Dary’s Legend, you may find gravestones, boxes, chairs – and you can smash them all for loot. There’s also rarer loot, which can be found in smashed objects or chests. ‘Book of Recipes’ contain a recipe for use in crafting. Crafting is accomplished using a Cauldron and can be done automatically if you hold a recipe. Otherwise it’s all down to trial-and-error. There also exists a ‘Book of Skill’, which will give you a single skill at random.

You may also find locked doors, which can be opened using ‘Dysonite Stones’. These stones each come with a different number of holes in them, and must be arranged into locks to open them. Some locks will show which stone is required, others will require you to guess.

Upon leveling up, you will restore to full HP, MP and you gain a single skill point to spend on one of five stats; Vitality, Agility, Dexterity, Wisdom and Resistance. Each stat affects a small set of combat parameters, such as Vitality affecting Health and Melee Power.

While Dary’s Legend is a very solid game – especially for its Alpha state – it so far hasn’t done much to differentiate itself from other games which have attempted to bring rogue-likes to a wider audience, but the real question is:

“Should I be excited about Dary’s Legend?”

Dary's Legend 03Dary’s Legend has an excellent art-style going for it, and it’s by no means a bad rogue-like; it covers most of the main bases and has decent controls. But Indie Games take time to mature and Dary’s Legend could be something to look at when it goes gold. Because of this, I think Dary’s Legend is worth keeping an eye on. It has the basis of a good rogue-like, all that’s needed is some expansion and it could stand toe-to-toe with others of its genre.

Dary’s Legend is available to buy from http://www.desura.com/games/darys-legend

And is on Steam Greenlight: