Police Force 2 Review (PC)

“A realistic simulation of the German police” is what is written on the side of the Police Force 2 box. There are a million ways to describe this game but “realistic” is not one of them. I have never been to Germany, I imagine though that police officers can jump over walls. I also imagine that their partners do not walk faster than they can run. It also wouldn’t be out of the question to assume that when entering a house, German police officers do not fall through the floor. Neither do they have very strong English accents. This is just me being presumptuous though, a trip to Berlin or Cologne might prove me wrong.
Police Force 2
Much like the first entry to the series, you play as a rookie cop looking to work their way up the law enforcement ladder. You do this by hunting down criminals and returning order to the streets of Germany.Quests range from apprehending burglars, stopping car thieves in their tracks, and arresting unlicensed drivers. It’s all very mundane stuff. During your shifts – which still last half an hour – you can attend randomly generated crime scenes. In my short time playing I saw someone being poisoned at a nightclub, and a petrol station being robbed. These may sound fairly exciting, unfortunately they are not, due largely to the fact this game is broken beyond belief.

When I received Police Force 2 to review, I was filled with both excitement and trepidation. “Ooh, playing as a police officer – my natural enemy. This ought to provide some excitement”, I thought. The problem is, like a lot of these simulation games, the budget and the development time just isn’t there. A niche market exists for these games and generally that is who is targeted – them and people buying simulation games as a joke. It is a given that these kinds of games will never hit the big-time and will only be played by enthusiasts.

It is to be expected that a game like this just isn’t going to have the same level of polish or quality assurance that say, a AAA title will have. It still doesn’t excuse just how infuriatingly broken Police Force 2 is.
Police Force 2
On the beat I encountered NPC vehicles driving into walls, my own vehicle getting caught on scenery, falling through floors, other officers walking faster than I could run, and even car thieves kindly stopping at red lights so I could arrest them.

Actually catching criminals is a chore. The map is difficult to navigate, and the guide arrow that points you in the right direction disappears when it feels like it. Map markers to show where criminals are also vanish. It’s a clusterfuck of good ideas, poorly implemented. When you do actually catch a criminal, there is no reward – well there is, in the form of experience, but it just isn’t enjoyable.

Another bugbear was the completely unresponsive control scheme. The function keys are used to equip items like a baton, pepper-spray, and handcuffs, only half the time they just don’t work. When you do have the item you want to use, you’ll be lucky if it works. More than once I died trying to shoot a gun-toting robber, but my gun wouldn’t fire. Add in poor presentation, horrible animations, boring fetch-quest like gameplay, and there is pretty much nothing good to say about Police Force 2.
Police Force 2

Maybe I am not the intended market for this game. Perhaps this title is instead aimed at owners of the complete police academy movie series. Or people who tune in to The Bill, religiously. If the thought of chasing down criminals on the (poorly rendered) streets of Germany gets you wet with excitement, you may still want to check Police Force 2 out. This reviewer just wants it locked up and out of his life for good.

TL;DR: Less NYPD Blue, more like Police Academy: Mission to Moscow.

  • Ollie Lanky Smith

    Dunno what hell you were playing mine is fine… probably your computer is to shit to play it lol

    • Ryan Mc Donagh

      The computer I played the game on is top of the line, so it was definitely not that. Bear in mind this review was written months ago – a while before it was published here, in fact. The game may have improved since then but it was buggier than bat turd when we were given review code.

      • Ollie Lanky Smith

        I’ll agree their games are very very buggy and I noticed some of the bugs you mentioned… I just feel you did not like it so decided to attack it the only way you knew how and the only thing you knew would put off all gamers lol… still I’d love a police simulator like the True Crime series!

        • Ryan Mc Donagh

          That’s the thing. I didn’t like it. However, there were reasons and I listed them above. The game had the potential to be great, but that potential was squandered. This game is very poor and as such the score reflects that. Good Simulation game: Euro Truck Sim 2 – I gave it an 8. On the other end of the spectrum we have this and I believe the score to be fully justified.

          • Ollie Lanky Smith

            Yes I agree with you on so much but it’s just the fact that I felt they were trying very hard with this one and of course because I’ve not experienced most of those bugs lol also when you compare it next to Euro Truck Sim 2 well you can’t compare it to that hahaa… also you excited for X: Reunion?

          • Ryan Mc Donagh

            I agree they tried hard but in the end the game was sub-par.

            I was’nt comparing either in terms of gameplay, more in terms of a good quality simulation game, compared with a bad quality sim.

            I don’t really know much about that series tbh. It passed me by, don’t know if it is too late to get in to now.

          • Ollie Lanky Smith

            Get your hands on Albion Prelude if you can, think its on Steam for like $15… feel free to add me on Steam and I can help you out with it but imagine a single player version of EVE but you actually fly the ships none of the AI bullshit that put me off EVE completely lol my steam names is “oliv897”

          • https://twitter.com/GravidosTMH Jordan “The Beard”

            I’m pretty excited for X: Rebirth. The X series is one I’ve been meaning to get into for a long time, sadly, the first game in the series won’t run on my system without extreme issues that make it unplayable, so I’ve been a little put off by that. It’s a shame they’re not on GOG, they do quite a lot to fix older games so that they work on newer systems. At this rate, I’ll probably just wait for X: Rebirth to be my entry to the series.

  • Karron

    where can I play this game at Email me

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  • SortingHat

    You can blame the free market all you want but the truth is it’s big corporations that own these little companies that force out crappy titles.

    There isn’t much if any free competition in the simulation industry so therefore companies who do it like Valu Soft which is owned by a larger firm can make out crappy titles every year knowing nobody else has any choice.

    That is a monopoly and is very bad actually. Saying “Oh Well it’s the free market’ is just a cop out and shows how little you actually know.