Rex Rocket (PC) – Five Minute First Look


Meet Rex Rocket

Remember those simple 16-bit times? Robert Maher and Kickstarter success Rex Rocket do!  Join Rex on a trip across the galaxy., with Tera-Oozlings in tow.

Rex used to be a decorated hero but now, emasculated, he is nothing more than an intergalactic delivery boy. Follow him on his retro-styled adventures and restore his honour. With witty dialog and nods towards games like Metroid, there is a lot to like in this clever little indie game. Check out our quick look video below.

N.B: The build given to CIG by the developers is very early alpha, but it doesn’t excuse how much I suck.


  • Vince Vazquez

    Awesome stuff! Just heard about this on Nintendolife and I was curious to see more. Don’t have a Wii U – not yet anyway (nor will I until Nintendo gets real and prices that thing accordingly) – but I’m definitely going to check this out when it comes to PC in the Winter. Absolutely fantastic. One of the coolest “Mega Man-likes” I’ve seen from an indie developer ever.