Roar Rampage Review (iOS)

Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Smokin’ Joe Frazier – great boxers one and all; none of them hold a candle to our next contender though. In the green corner standing at over 400ft tall, weighing in at over five metric tonnes – Dino the dinosaur! For some reason or another Dino is disgruntled, has decided to go on a rampage and is determined to destroy the entire city. Your mission is to aid him and annihilate everything and everyone that stands in your path. Using the touch screen of your chosen iOS device, throw haymakers at buildings, aircraft, and people – ALL THE THINGS!
Roar Rampage
The premise of Roar Rampage is pretty simple – punch everything. If it moves, punch it; if it doesn’t move, punch it. Playing as an oversized, boxing glove wearing dinosaur; battle your way through 45 different levels.
Controls couldn’t be easier. Simply swipe in the direction you want Dino to throw a punch. Swiping up and down allows you to use Dino’s fist like a hammer – particularly useful in more hectic levels. Lamp posts, trains and even rockets can be picked up and swung at enemies. Depending on how well you destroy buildings and enemies, gems are awarded. They are used to buy items in the shop.

The shop contains powerups, health replenishing items, costumes, and –hilariously – clothing items. Who doesn’t love a dinosaur in a monocle? There are lots of items available to buy in the shop, providing plenty of motivation to keep playing.

The game gradually ramps up in difficulty and each stage ends with a boss battle. The final boss is particularly fiendish. Aside from the main game, collecting pickups unlocks a Breakout style minigame. Using Dino’s fists to bat a ball around is both fun and humorous.
Roar Rampage 2
Graphically and musically Roar Rampage borrows from arcade games like Metal Slug. As fans of those games will know, this is no bad thing. Sprites have character, explosions are large, and the soundtrack is rocking.

Games like Roar Rampage remind me why I love the AppStore. Where else could I play as a Dinosaur and destroy an entire city with nothing more than a swipe of my finger? FDG Entertainment has crafted an addictive, funny and action-packed little game. Anybody seeking some mindless fun would do well to drop 69p on this little beauty.

9 Dinosaurs sucker punching the Statue of Liberty out of 10