So you want to be a surgeon – Surgeon Simulator 2013 Tips

Making it as a surgeon can be tricky; even more so when you have the motor skills of an arthritic eighty-five year old. Follow our Surgeon Simulator 2013 top tips and Nigel will be a pro in no time.

Surgeon Sim 2013
Hammer Time

While it may be tempting to go in heavy with the laser or electric saw to remove the ribcage, using the hammer may be your best bet. A couple of hard smashes is by far the safest way to remove it. There will be less bone fragments in the way, allowing you easier access to internal organs. Chances are you will lose far less blood in the process. Trust us – Bob will thank you for it!

One Finger, One Thumb

Getting a grip on some of your surgical tools can be a challenge at times. One of the easiest ways to keep a hold of them is to make a loop with Nigel’s finger and thumb. To do this, hold ‘r’ and ‘space’. Now all you have to do is rotate Nigel’s hand and lower it on to the tool. Good luck with that..
Surgeon Simulator 2013
A Touch Of Botox

If it is all going tits up, you will need to act fast. Carefully pick up the syringe and stab Bob in the face with it a few times. The rate at which he loses blood will slow down. Now get back to doing irreparable damage to his insides!

It’s my heart in a box

Operating in the ambulance can be extremely stressful. You may find that you have carefully scooped out Bobs insides, only for your replacement organs to fly out the back door. Find somewhere secure to stash them, whilst you are busy tearing out much-needed organs.

Rule Britannia

So you think you have gotten pretty good at this old surgery game? Chances are you could always be doing better. Only the finest surgeons reach the top of the leader boards. To improve your scores, try inserting the “Britannia” disks into Nigel’s computer. Each disk will tell you exactly what tools to use to minimise blood loss and safely remove Bob’s organs.
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Bad Trip

Try pricking yourself on one of the needles on the table. Look at all the pretty colours! Let’s get all philosophical about life, man. Okay this isn’t really a tip, but you should do it anyway!

God speed, Nigel. If you followed this guide, no one need ever know you aren’t actually a surgeon.