Super Sanctum TD Review (PC)


Customise your way to victory in Super Sanctum TD

Super Sanctum TD is a Tower Defence game based on… A Tower Defence game – It’s not as silly as it sounds. The game is developed by Coffee Stain Studios and is out on PC.


Super Sanctum TD – unlike Sanctum – is a traditional Tower Defence game played from an isometric perspective. When you first start the game, you are met with a short tutorial explaining the control systems and general idea behind the game which take only a few minutes to complete. The idea is to build platforms to force the waves to take the longest route and build towers on top of the platforms to stop the enemy waves reaching the core. As for the controls of the game, they somehow manage to feel like they were made with touch-screen in mind more than a keyboard and mouse. The main control function explained involves clicking build spots to place a platform and dragging the turret on top of it, but it’s a lot easier to use the number keys to pick which turret you’d like to place. You are given unlimited time between waves to perfect your build meaning there’s no stupid mistakes made in a mad rush to build up some towers in anticipation of the next wave looming over you with only seconds remaining. You can click the enemy base to see which enemy types will be coming in the wave you’re about to face – helpful for enemies that require specific strategies. Next, you click go and the wave begins.

Super Sanctum TD

Now that the wave has begun, you have some extra options that are better used now than later. Firstly, when you get enough money, you can upgrade turrets. Turret upgrades come with a slightly different visual. Beyond this, you can also sell turrets to build others in case, say, your strategy isn’t working. Lastly, you can change the aim mode of the turret between: Default, Weakest, Strongest, First and Last. Using these aim modes, you can create an intricate string of turrets set to weaken any wave in a matter of seconds. Other than turrets, you can also defend the core using powers. Powers come in a variety of forms and range from killing enemies to hindering them. I particularly enjoyed being able to teleport enemies backwards into groupings of upgraded turrets. Powers and Turrets are both unlocked via levelling up. You can level up by killing enemies and completing levels. On completion of a level, you will be given a star rating out of three, with the fourth star coming from playing Hard mode.


Outside of the actual gameplay, there is a world map you traverse by completing levels. While on the world map, you will see two icons at the bottom of the screen: Achievements and Perks. Achievements are self-explanatory, but the perks are quite interesting. They’re run-of-the-mill perks you’d expect to see in any Tower Defence game utilising the system, but the interesting part is the fact you can re-spec as many times as you want at no cost, bringing an element of min-maxing to Tower Defence.


Some problems I had with the game were the repetitive sound effects, which I eventually opted to turn off in favour of listening to the music which was much more enjoyable and when I was using keyboard controls to build, sometimes it didn’t react quickly or at all, forcing me to press the same button multiple times to actually build something. Neither detracted from the game too much.


Super Sanctum TD is both enjoyable and good value for money, coming in at a mere 2.99GBP, though the chances of it tiding you over until Sanctum 2 aren’t high. That’s not to say Super Sanctum TD is a bad game, it’s plenty good as a stand-alone.