Zombie Slayer Review (iOS)

As a last-ditch attempt to escape the ever-ravenous undead hordes, humanity has decided to strap on their jetpacks and make a break for the kingdom in the sky. Not to be outdone the zombies follow suit; now it is up to you to save the world from a fate worse than death. Using the power of your finger, slice and dice your way through endless waves of brain-munching undead and help your fellow humans make it to safety.

Zombie Slayer
Zombie Slayer from Mother Gaia Studios is a simple game. Waves of enemies move across the screen and it is up to you to stop them from reaching the other end. Be careful though; attacking humans or letting a zombie past your defences will mean losing a heart from your health bar. Dying means starting over again. There are some neat twists thrown in throughout the game to make the game infectious and keep you interested though.

As well as your bog-standard brain eating zombie there are special infected. A straightjacket-wearing psycho zombie that zigzags across the screen, a rocket-propelled zombie and even kamikaze zombies all add variety to the game.

Every so often extra health appears to keep you going in the later, more frantic levels. Additionally there are pickups that increase the amount of points for each zombie you kill. They are small inclusions which Zombie Slayer more longevity.
Zombie Slayer
Also included are fifty one missions to complete. Missions range from killing ‘x’ amount of zombies, to using power-ups. Most of these aren’t difficult, but some people will get a sense of accomplishment then they complete a set of challenges.

An item shop carries upgrades to your sword, dynamite, coin buffs and various other collectibles. Items are purchasable using currency earned in-game. Coins are also purchasable via a microtransaction but most people will be able to unlock items without spending more of their hard-earned cash.

Despite Mother Gaia’s best efforts to add value and content to Zombie Slayer, it is nothing more than a very shallow time waster. Admittedly, swiping your finger across the screen can make you feel like a zombie killing ninja, but the fun doesn’t last very long; boredom sets in fast and you will be left wanting more variety.

The 69p (99c) tier on the Appstore is fierce with competition, with lots of clever and creative titles available. In among it Zombie Slayer falls flat on quality and style. While the game isn’t completely without merit, it is a very hard sell. If you absolutely must slice up zombies with your finger then by all means download the game, just don’t come crying to me when it doesn’t grip you like an infectious disease. I did warn you after all.