SpinTires – Preview (PC)

SpinTires is a simulation driving game that was successfully kickstarted last month (June 2013) coming to PC. The game is developed by Oovee Game Studios.

The concept of SpinTires is to take a truck in 1980-90-era Russia and make deliveries across rough terrain using only a compass and a map. You will be required to manually load the cargo, manage fuel and ensure you don’t get stuck in the mud – or other parts of the terrain. The tech demo (available at http://www.spintires.com/#!/demo) that this preview is based on is missing most of the game and only has the fundamental driving mechanics.


Even with no interest in simulation games, the concept of driving through mud and water and it having a real effect on your vehicle is an interesting one. While simulation games aren’t for everyone, you may find yourself drawn to them anyway, because real-life emulation is an interesting thing. The SpinTires world has a great feel to it and requires proper planning to traverse. Go in there full throttle and you’ll find yourself stuck in the mud.

In the tech demo you start with two vehicles; a lightweight jeep and a heavy 8×8. Each vehicles reacts in its own way to different situations you’ll come across in the environment. The jeep will quickly get caught in any loose mud and struggle through water, while the 8×8 will easily crush both. While the 8×8 is a lot easier to drive, it’s still possible to get stuck in the more swamp-y areas. SpinTires includes many options that will enhance or simplify the experience. Gear shifting can be changed from automatic to manual if you’re feeling confident. You’re also able to toggle the differential and four-wheel drive on or off – both of these are incredibly important in getting past tough terrain. In this demo version, there’s no down-side to using any options you are given, but in the final version, you will damage your vehicle using the differential on hard surfaces.


I spent a lot of time just finding different things in the environment to try and drive over – a ‘playground’ is provided – and often failing. Things like driving up a hill and failing because I was in the wrong gear, driving over ‘steps’ and watching the vehicle bounce along and driving as fast as possible until my vehicle couldn’t grip the road and sliding into the mud. If I got stuck in my jeep, I’d ram it with my 8×8. If that failed and I ended up flipped over on my side, well, Oovee were thinking of me when they added a ‘rescue’ option to reset your vehicle and send it back to the default spawn point.

In its current (demo) state, SpinTires is fun to mess around in, but with planned updates that will essentially turn the game into off-road Eurotruck Simulator with better physics, I can only say I am extremely excited for the final version. If you love a good simulator or just a good driving game, you will have plenty of fun playing SpinTires. If you’re less inclined to play either genre, you’ll have plenty of fun watching other people play it. Set for release in January 2014, I know I’ll be marking it on my calendar.

  • Realkman666

    How long until they dump zombies into the mud? XD

    • https://twitter.com/GravidosTMH Jordan

      If they don’t do it, someone else probably will.