Monthly Archives: August 2013

Gun Monkeys Now Gives Free Steam Keys to Un-partnered Players

If you consider yourself someone who supports indie developers and own Gun Monkeys, consider taking some time out to play it. If you run a gaming community, perhaps add it to your rota of games. If you don’t already own it, well, get out there and buy it, get some friends to buy it and have some gun-toting, simian-searing, energy-collecting, one-on-one fun!

Space Hulk – Review (PC)

Space Hulk is set in the Warhammer 40k universe. 40k is set in the far future where mankind has settled a large portion of the galaxy under the banner of the God-Emperor. The God-Emperor sits upon his Golden Throne above the pillars known as the Space Marines – Elite units of the Imperium of Man. Space Marines are split into Chapters, which were founded by the Primarchs. Each Chapter has a home planet. The events of Space Hulk take place near Baal, the home planet of the Blood Angels.

Have You Heard of… Jelly Jiggle (Android, iOS | Free, IAP, Pro Version)

In Jelly Jiggle, you play a cube of Jelly called “Jay”. Your goal is to work your way around puzzles and to the goal in 50 different levels across 3 different environments. If the puzzles get too hard, you can purchase items using Jelly Coins. These can be collected in-game or purchased.