Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo – The Big Hollow Princess – Review (iOS)

The fun will never end – Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo

Are you ready to get mathematical? I sure hope so because Finn & Jake have burst into your pocket in Legends of Ooo for iOS devices.

For those not in the know, Adventure time is the smash-hit animation from Cartoon Network, a show that has brought us the Ice King, the somewhat terrifying spawn of the Devil, Marceline, and the hilarious phrase “poo-brain”

legends of ooo

Legends of Ooo is split into three separate episodes – with The Big Hollow Princess being the first. The Ice King is up to his usual tricks, trying his hardest to find a Princess to lock-away in his ice castle. Down on his luck and with no Princesses replying to his letters requesting companionship, he’s only gone and cast spells on three of the Candy Kingdom’s most eligible Princesses. Now it is up to Finn & Jake to save the day and serve the Ice King his just desserts.

The Big Hollow Princess is your typical Point and Click adventure game. As Finn & Jake you will travel across the Candy Kingdom picking up assorted nick-nacks, using them to solve various puzzles, and help the kingdom’s inhabitants. Along the way you will help a hungry bear get a snack, build a Princess out of a trash can and some mustard, and sneak into the ice castle to find the Ice King’s spell book.

Controls are very simple. To move Finn & Jake simply tap on the items or people you want them to interact with, or tap the edge of the screen to move to the next area.

Legends of Ooo is clearly geared towards players seeking some light-entertainment to make a journey pass a little quicker, or those looking to brighten up a dull day. That is to say, the game is a little shallow – this is by no means a bad thing though. Interacting with the various characters and locations is fun, even if interaction is very limited and the action is a strictly linear affair.

The first chapter of Legends of Ooo can be completed in around thirty minutes and it is great fun from start to finish. The dialogue between characters is just what you’d expect from the show, the locales are well crafted, and Finn & Jake’s occasional exchanges are chucklesome.
legends of ooo
While it would have been great for the game to have featured all the voice talent from the series, hearing the Ice King’s despair when his plan is scuppered by Finn & Jake more than makes up for the missing character voices.

Legends of Ooo is a no-brainer for fans of the Adventure Time series. It carries all the hallmarks of the show, and The Big Hollow princess is as long as multiple episodes of the show. If you don’t watch the show but are a fan of silly, obtuse humour, the game is well worth a look. If you are whack with poo-brain though, you might wanna give this one a miss.

Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo is available from the Appstore for 69p(99c)