FreeZom: Flying Adventure of Zombie – Review (iOS)

Being a zombie is a tough life. Being a zombie that doesn’t lust after delicious brains is even tougher. Fed up of being bullied by humans and picked on by plants (I reckon there’s a nod to another game series there), one zombie has had enough and in desperation has set a course for Planet Z. Unfortunately for him he only has a cardboard box and some scrap for a spaceship. It’s up to you to help the poor vegetarian zombie collect enough coins, and reach planet Z in FreeZom: Flying Adventure of Zombie.

The premise of WeredSoft’s quirky iOS title is to help the zombie protagonist escape Earth and find home on a planet where won’t face merciless persecution. To do so you will guide his makeshift spaceship through the skies past rain clouds, flying sunflowers and all manner of other nonsensical enemies. If you run out of fuel though, it is all over and you will plummet to the ground. Collecting fuel cans on your journey will keep you in the air a little longer.

The higher into the atmosphere zombie is propelled, the more coins he collects. Completing challenges like reaching certain heights, collecting a number of coins, or defeating enemies accumulates more coins to help upgrade your spaceship. There are a large number of upgrades to purchase in the games store ranging from new engines, better fuel efficiency, and better fuel consumption.

As you progress through challenges new parts for your ship become available in the garage. These include new chassis’ for your spaceship, ranging from an old cola bottle to used fish tanks. The garage also holds single-use boosts that affect launch speed and fuel consumption; these can be used to beat the trickier challenges.

Coins accumulate at a quick pace and in no time zombie will be flying in a tricked-out ship. Should you feel the need, coins are available as an in-app purchase at a reasonable price, though I never felt the need as upgrades came in quick succession.
FreeZom’s presentation is clean, uncluttered and delightfully cartoony. There’s a really fun feel to every aspect of the game, from the sleeping zombie on the main screen, to his readable diary that is strewn across the floor. WeredSoft get top marks for the look and feel of FreeZom.

My only –minor– gripe with the game is the somewhat poor translation of some of the text. It can be a little hard to understand the effects of some of the items in the garage. Experimenting with the upgrades themselves clears this issue up though.

At 69p (99c) FreeZom: Flying Adventure of Zombie is a surprisingly fun title with that all-important “one-more-go” factor. Featuring a compelling story and likable protagonist it is hard not to want zombie to succeed in his mission to escape Earth for pastures new. A large number of unlockable items are sure to keep the completionists among you busy and competing with your friends on the leaderboard. Do yourself a favour and purchase the game from the Appstore, you’ll be glad you did.

FreeZom can be purchased for 69p (99c) from the Appstore