Have You Heard of… Jelly Jiggle (Android, iOS | Free, IAP, Pro Version)

Jelly Jiggle is a 3D Puzzle game which is Free on Android and iOS. The game is developed by Hangar18. It can be found here:



In Jelly Jiggle, you play a cube of Jelly called “Jay”. Your goal is to work your way around puzzles and to the goal in 50 different levels across 3 different environments. Somewhat reminiscent of Rush Hour, Jelly Jiggle will test your logic and spatial awareness. If the puzzles get too hard, you can purchase items using Jelly Coins. These can be collected in-game or purchased.

It is worth noting that there is also a paid version of Jelly Jiggle. [VERSION DIFFERENCES] It can be found here:



And if you really just need to see it in action, have a look at the trailer: