Have You Heard of… QbQbQb? (Android/PC | $2.99 – $3.99)

How the hell do you say “QbQbQb”?

Match-three puzzle games possess a mysterious quality that keeps a certain subsection of gamers hooked. There are still people playing the original Gameboy version of Tetris all these years after release. A good puzzle game doesn’t age, its appeal lays in its simplicity – it doesn’t matter how it looks or sounds, so long as it has the “one more go” factor and a highscore to beat. It’s been a while since we here at CIG have played a game with the same addictive qualities as Tetris; enter QbQbQb.
QbQbQb (how am I supposed to pronounce that?) is a match three game with a twist – quite literally. The player twists a small planet around while rectangles of assorted colours fall to the ground. Match three colours and they vanish, but get too flustered and the colours pile up. Amass too many colours and it is game over.

QbQbQB is available for PC and Android – with the Android version featuring gyroscope controls. If you are a fan of Tetris-style puzzle games it is well worth a purchase. Stay-tuned for our review.

QbQbQb can be purchased for PC on the games website