Organic Panic Kickstarter

Remember when you were young and your parents would tell you not to play with your food? The Branch brothers – of indie studio Last Limb- laughed at the thought, so much so that their forthcoming game “Organic Panic” is all about playing with food.

Organic Panic is the result of mixing equal parts Worms and Little Big Planet. It is a puzzle game with level building and destruction elements, it also features a powerful dynamic physics engine. Water will flow, lava will scorch, stuff will….blow up.

Organic Panic has been in development for around five years and is now on Kickstarter. Admittedly we are posting this article close to the end of the campaign but we want to see this game succeed. The campaign is sitting at $25,000 out of a $40,000 target with only 4 days to go, so cross your fingers and toes, indie game fans. Check out the video below, pledge some money on the Kickstarter if you can and help bring this game to fruition (get it?).

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