Pester – MiniReview (PC/XBLA/OUYA)

Got a spare 63p ($1) burning a hole in your pockets?  You could buy a can of sweet, fizzy coca-cola to quench your thirst or you could, instead, plop that money down on a copy of Pester by Flump Studios.


Pester is a bullet-hell – or bullet- heaven as the developer calls it-  and score-attack game for PC XBLA and Ouya. In the game you take control of a spaceship and blast your way through wave after wave of enemy ships, all the while squeezing past a hailstorm of bullets.

The game has five game modes ranging from Classic mode – where you try to stay alive for as long as possible – to Boss Survival (this one should be self-explanatory.)

As you progress through enemy waves boss ships appear, firing huge swarms of bullets your way. Defeating the boss allows you to carry on to the next wave and keep your high score rolling. Reaching certain scores unlocks extra modes like asteroid belts and boss mode.

Accompanying the old-school gameplay are simple retro-style graphics, taken straight from old shooters from the nineties and eighties – there is even the option to toggle on scanlines for that authentic arcade feel!


The music is suitably high-octane and bouncy, keeping you on your toes through those particularly large bullet swarms.

Pester is a low-budget game with aspirations beyond its meagre price tag, it offers a lot of action and content for those skilled enough to unlock it. The gameplay, presentation and music are all well-realised which is surprising for such a cheap title.

Pester is a great purchase for fans of the bullet-hell genre; it delivers old-school arcade gameplay at a great price and comes highly recommended.

Pester can be purchased for PC from Indievania