QbQbQb- Mini-Review (PC/Android)

I think it is fair to say that most gamers find themselves addicted to a puzzle game at one point in their life. Tetris was my first real puzzle game love. Blocks would fall quickly to the ground and I’d hopelessly turn them in the hopes of scoring a Tetris and watching 4 lines melt away. There are few more-satisfying moments in gaming, even all these years after it’s original release. Time goes on and games evolve, Tetris, however, has not. Sure new modes have been added, but they have nothing on the core game. I’m not saying Tetris isn’t fun anymore but I long for something new and exciting. Recently, QbQbQb has scratched that itch.

QbQbQb takes the tried-and-tested “match three” formula and puts a spin on it – literally. Curved blocks fall towards the planet and it is your job to rotate the it and match up as many colours as you can. Match three colours and they vanish, giving you space and making things a little easier; stumble, however, and things get real tough, real fast.

As each round progresses it gets more difficult, the speed at which blocks fall increases (just like Tetris) and you will need ultra-fast reaction times to keep going; pile colours too high and it is game over. In essence QbQbQb represents an obvious evolution of the original Tetris. It doesn’t add too many new aspects to the game, it simply takes the core game and adds it’s own little tweaks into he formula.

As well as the main game, there are two other modes; a slightly easier stacking mode for players new to this type of game, and another mode that requires all blocks to by placed opposite one-another in order for them to vanish. Two-player mode is als included. These inclusions are as fun as the main game – not something that can be said about most official Tetris variations.
Musically and visually QbQbQb is a delight. Bright and colourful visuals are accompanied by an evolving electronic score that changes as you progress.

Gamers who aren’t interested in puzzle games will find little to change their mind in QbQbQb, those of us who are. however, will be instantly sucked in by its addictive “one-more-go” style of play and intoxicating visual and audio presentation. Before I forget, be sure to idle on the menu screen, it is worth it!

QbQbQb is available from the Android Marketplace and the PC version can be purchased from the website