Shadowrun Returns – User-made Campaigns

Now that Shadowrun Returns has hit and users have been given some time, there are User-made Campaigns cropping up.

1. SNES Shadowrun Returns

Remember the good old days of the SNES? The good old days where you didn’t have an analogue stick, so any game that required both moving and aiming had to use strange methods to achieve it. The original Shadowrun video-game was made in this era and suffered from it. Luckily, despite the problems the game had, it developed dedicated fans — so dedicated that they’re bringing it back as a user-made campaign in Shadowrun Returns. Currently, there’s an Alpha version of the campaign available on Steamworks if you’re interested in trying it now. You can also follow progress over at Obsidian Portal.

2. Shadowrun Identity

There’s never the ability for users to create content without an incredibly ambitious project showing up. Shadowrun Identity has tons of ambition. Pulling together a whopping 145 Shadowrun Game Masters with the intend of creating a campaign spanning many years of the 2050s — based on original pen and paper material — and aiming at over 100 hours of content. Sound too good to be true? Well, it may not be. The website hub for Shadowrun Identity will give you some insight into what is going on. Clicking down the side-bar at each year in the 2050s will gret you with multiple synopses for the scenarios and a list of team members. This ambitious group have already released the first part of the campaign.

3. Shadowrun Unlimited

This is probably the more exciting campaign to most. Shadowrun Unlimited’s aim is to turn Shadowrun Returns into an open-world setting with a ‘street cred’ system. This will turn the game into the sort of ‘rags to riches’ setting players in the Pen and Paper world may be more used to. Interestingly, to help balance things for the Decker class, there is intended to be a dedicated matrix which will allow them to make some money between runs.


Some very interesting campaigns already in progress and definitely some interesting ones to come. Have there been any campaigns that have caught your eye? Or perhaps you’re even looking to make your own? Well Hairbrained Schemes have made a set of tutorials for the editor: