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Life Goes On – Game 10 – Indie MEGABOOTH

Life Goes On takes a new twist on Platformers such as Super Meat Boy, in which death is expected, and makes it a requirement. In the game, you will need to sacrafice lives to surpass puzzles. This can be done by using knights impaled on spikes as platforms, allowing your other knights to reach new depths of the level, making them die in such a way that their dead body will press a button or a variety of other means.

Contagion (PC) – Kickstarter

Zombie games are a massive thing in mainstream media. Games have, at this point, long been doing zombies and it has been done from multiple angles. Contagion is attempting Zombie Survival. Taking some influence from games like Left 4 Dead and the ‘zombies’ mode often seen in FPS games. The game takes place on randomly generated maps, allowing both old and new players to be on a level playing field. The game focuses on competitive co-operation, allowing players to play as both humans and zombies. When playing zombies, players will be able to call and blend in to hordes — allowing the AI to take over, fooling players into believing they’re relatively safe — then pounce!

Volgarr the Viking – Review (PC)

While the game-play can be seen as difficult, it will never be unfair. Each situation could potentially be overcome first try – though that’s not likely to happen. The game is crafted in a way that forces you to keep the pace up or face bigger odds. If you plod along and take your time, you’ll be facing a larger amount of enemies, which make for more places to make a mistake. If you go too fast, you’re also opening yourself up to making mistakes. Volgarr the Viking could be considered a trial-and-error type of game, but it by no means requires inhuman levels of execution.

Barkley 2 – Game 9 – Indie MEGABOOTH

Back in 2008, a game was released that nobody would have expected to ever see. A self-proclaimed unofficial sequel to both Barkley Shut up and Jam and Space Jam. That game was Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden created by Tales of Games. An RPG like no other in which you control Charles Barkley attempting to survive after performing a chaos dunk which killed many people. This sequel now has its own sequel.

Top 5 Most-Stylish Indie Games

Being stylish is more than just being good-looking, it encompasses a lot of different aspects. Graphical fidelity does come into the equation, but can sometimes take a back seat to audio presentation, themes, and dialogue. Bearing that in mind, here are five indie games we consider to be the cream of the crop where style is concerned.

Dragon Fantasy: Book II – Game 7 – Indie MEGABOOTH

Dragon Fantasy: Book II is part two of the Dragon Fantasy trilogy and differs somewhat to Book I. While Book I had an 8-bit style, Book II has a 16-bit style. The classic JRPG throwback remains, showing homage to JRPGs of old such as Lufia II, Earthbound, Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. The story follow directly on from Book I and will see the player following Ogden, Prince and Ramona through their respective chapters in the game.

Golem Arcana (Tabletop) – Kickstarter

Golem Arcana will take Tabletop combat games and combine them with technology to create a novice-friendly Tabletop game in which the rules are dealt with for you. To achieve this, the game will utilise the TDI (tabletop digital interface) stylus which will be able to recognise tabletop elements such as the golems and tiles and display relevant stats. It will also deal with rule elements such as attack calculations — essentially bringing the rule knowledge requirement to a minimum. Never again will there be an arguement over whether or not that figure was actually in range or not — or at least that’s the idea.

Even The Ocean – Game 6 – Indie MEGABOOTH

In “The Ocean”, the game-play is that of a Metroidvania game and has you play as Aliph. As Aliph, you explore a dream world held together by two energy types which have an effect on Aliph’s movement physics. In “Even”, you play as Even. The game-play in this section is that of a platformer. Even can interact in town and enter dream sequences which allow her to modify the physics of “The Ocean”.