Contagion (PC) – Kickstarter

Zombie games are a massive thing in mainstream media. Games have, at this point, long been doing zombies and it has been done from multiple angles. Contagion — developed by Monochrome Games — is attempting Zombie Survival taking some influence from games like Left 4 Dead and the ‘zombies’ mode often seen in FPS games. The game takes place on randomly generated maps, allowing both old and new players to be on a level playing field. The game focuses on competitive co-operation, allowing players to play as both humans and zombies. When playing zombies, players will be able to call and blend in to hordes — allowing the AI to take over, fooling players into believing they’re relatively safe — then pounce!

Normally you need to headshot zombies to make sure they die and hitting elsewhere has little effect. In Contagion, zombies will show visual damage when attacked elsewhere and — if capable — continue to chase you, crawling slowly across the ground on only their hands. Depending on the game mode, zombies aren’t your only enemy. You can’t always trust humans — sometimes they’re out to get you. Humans will be able to detect you by sound, so silently moving and defeating zombies becomes key.

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