Dragon Fantasy: Book II – Game 7 – Indie MEGABOOTH

Dragon Fantasy: Book II is a Japanese-inspired RPG developed by Muteki Corp.

Dragon Fantasy: Book II is part two of the Dragon Fantasy trilogy and differs somewhat to Book I. While Book I had an 8-bit style, Book II has a 16-bit style. The classic JRPG throwback remains, showing homage to JRPGs of old such as Lufia II, Earthbound, Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. The story follow directly on from Book I and will see the player following Ogden, Prince and Ramona through their respective chapters in the game. With over 15 hours of content, the game is well worth a look.

You can expect to see a review of Dragon Fantasy: Book II on Critical Indie Gamer soon. The game can be purchased now on PSN for PS3/Vita Cross-buy.