Dwarven Delve – Game 4 – Indie MEGABOOTH

Dwarven Delve is an upcoming self-proclaimed “Action-Puzzle-Crawler” being developed by TinkerHouse Games.

TinkerHouse Games was formed in 2011 by multiple veterans of the industry. With a wide range of experience between them and five titles already released — including Cthulu Saves the World and On the Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness — they are no strangers to development. Dwarven Delve is to be their latest release and it aims to be unique. Making a non-gimmicky twist on the Dungeon Crawler genre is a tough one, but Dwarven Delve manages to pull it off with its puzzle-like hex-spinning game-play.

Dwarven Delve has the player lead a party of six dwarves through dungeons. The player can manipulate the hex tiles these dungeons are made of to help the party advance and find treasure along the way. Each tile will react differently to each layout set by the player, it’s up to you to take advantage of that.

Dwarven Delve’s Kickstarter should be back up in coming weeks, keep your eyes on this place.For further info, please visit the developer’s website: http://tinkerhousegames.com/dwarvendelve/index.html