Gravity Ghost – Game 8 – Indie MEGABOOTH

When comparing a game to the likes of Super Mario Galaxy you need to be certain that it lives up to the expectations that accompany such a highly regarded game, yet some journalists have happily thrown the title around when talking about Gravity Ghost by Lively Ivy.

Gravity Ghost is a serene, laid-back game where the player is tasked with guiding a ghost around the void of space, smashing through bubbles, and gliding around planets. As our friendly ghost (think Casper but female) flies around, she is subject to the gravitational pull of other objects , it is the player’s task to work with these gravitational pulls and guide the ghost to the exit, picking up stars along the way.

No monsters await you, no death-bringing traps will unfairly thwart your progress, the only thing working against you in Gravity Ghost is your ability to stay in control while under gravitational duress. This may sound simple and, initially, it is, however, as you progress levels increase in complexity and difficulty, and require both skill and patience to overcome.

CriticalIndieGamer was kindly supplied with review code for the game and we are currently working our way through it. While we cannot – yet – be certain that Gravity Ghost lives up to the titles it has been compared with, we do know that is blissful, stylish fun suitable for kids and grown-ups alike.

Gravity Ghost is available for pre-order for $9.99 here, pre-ordering will net you 2 copies of the game – one for yourself and one for a friend. Act fast while this offer is still available.