Legend of Dungeon – Preview (PC)

It has hats! – Legend of Dungeon

Legend of Dungeon by Robot Loves Kitty is a dungeon-crawler, roguelike-style game currently in beta and available for PC, Mac, and Linux.


Rumour has it that on the 26th floor of the dungeon there are riches beyond any adventurer’s wildest dreams. You and up to three of your friends must set off on a quest to reach the 26th floor, avoid nasty obstacles, pilfer the loot and make it back to the tavern in time for last orders. However, like any good dungeon-crawler there is a vast army of ghouls waiting to feast on you and your teammates flesh.

The game begins in the tavern area which is populated with NPC characters named after particularly generous Kickstarter backers. Here you are able to stock up on a few items you will need on your quest. Once you leave the tavern, only your wits and teammates will keep you alive.

Combat in Legend of Dungeon is fairly simple; each character begins with a run-of-the-mill sword, timing your swipes will knock back enemies and if you get good at it you will be able to avoid receiving any blows yourself. As you make your way through the dungeon different forms of enemy will appear. Some enemies will use spellbooks to spawn minions to attack you, others will fire projectiles at you. Luckily the dungeon is home to lots of abandoned equipment – no doubt belonging to adventurers who perished on their quest for treasure.


From helmets that look like birthday cakes to spell books that spawn an army of skeletons to do your bidding, Legend of Dungeon’s loot is well conceived, funny and always cool to discover. Items will typically affect your attack and defence stats, this may be a positive effect or a negative one. You never know until you find an item and try it out. My partner and I both particularly enjoyed the steam punk helmet which had a working chimney on top of it. As the game is randomly generated it is down to the luck of the draw as to what equipment you may find, some runs will be better than others.

Legend of Dungeon is currently in beta and there are a few niggling problems that stuck out during my time with the game. Depth perception can be somewhat difficult, we found ourselves walking into walls and blocks when it appeared that we could walk straight past them. Also of note was severe performance degradation, even on a high-end machine. The game is obviously not final and we can’t be too harsh considering it is still a beta but these are issues worth keeping an eye on.

As things go, Legend of Dungeon is an extremely promising co-op game with a great sense of humour and adventure, it is very keenly priced and even at this early stage comes highly recommended. Stay tuned for our full review.

Legend of Dungeon can be purchased from the Robot Loves Kitty website or from Steam.