Life Goes On – Game 10 – Indie MEGABOOTH

Life Goes On is a Platformer with a twist developed by Life Goes On Team.

Life Goes On takes a new twist on Platformers such as Super Meat Boy, in which death is expected, and makes it a requirement. In the game, you will need to sacrafice lives to surpass puzzles. This can be done by using knights impaled on spikes as platforms, allowing your other knights to reach new depths of the level, making them die in such a way that their dead body will press a button or a variety of other means.

There is a bit of history behind Life Goes On. Originally started during the January 2012 Global Game Jam, Life Goes On had a great reception despite some problems. It was then that Life Goes On Team decided to continue development of the game and upon release of the next demo, reception was still great and requests for a full game were being made. This brings us to now, where Life Goes On Team are attempting to release a full game out of their own pockets.

Life Goes On has a playable demo which you can find here: