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MechWarrior Online – Review (PC)

When you first start, there will be four trial ‘Mechs in your quick-slots for use. You get one of each class of ‘Mech; Light, Medium, Heavy and Assault. Each has its own strength and weakness in battle and the trial ‘Mechs will help you figure that out. The most important thing to remember is that you’re in a ‘Mech – but so is everyone else, so don’t be running out of cover like you’re John Rambo. That’ll only bring about your own death and some light scraping on the enemy team’s armour.

Soundodger+ – Review (PC)

In Soundodger+, you are assaulted with music. You play a circle contained within a larger circle which has more circles on the outside. The larger circle is the play area and the circles on the outside launch projectiles at you. Your goal is to dodge them for the duration of the song. Akin to Bullethell Shooters, projectiles will come at you in patterns which often need to be dodged in specific ways. If you do happen to be hit with a projectile, the song will fast-forward a little bit and give you a short period of invulnerability – this is one of the nicest touches in the game as it’s seamless and quick.

Spark Rising (PC/Mac) – Kickstarter

In Spark Rising you will play from a third-person perspective in a voxel-based world. The difference in this world is that there isn’t just a focus on the creation of things, there’s also a large focus on the combat aspects of the game. Your goal is to defend your fortress — similar to a tower defence game — from the invading forces. Spark rising features deployable defences which can be built between waves, and exo-suits which allow you to combat the enemy as a more powerful entity. Exo-suits are large mechanical suits which will give different powers based on their class. Spark Rising also features Conquest Mode in which you aim to build an empire, trying to take out opposing planets while defending your own.

Aaru’s Awakening – Game 11 – Indie MEGABOOTH

In Aaru’s Awakening, the player is given two mobility-based abilities; teleportation and charging. These two abilities will be utilised to traverse the levels in the game. When the balance of the world of Lumenox is threatened by Night, Dawn sends forth Aaru to bring balance back to Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night.

Dragon Fantasy: Book II – Review (PS3)

The story of Dragon Fantasy: Book II follows directly on from Book I, taking place over three routes with Ogden and his crew aiming to save the world by gathering Voidstones. The story is standard fare for any RPG veteran, but it’s executed well enough that it’s still a joy to play through. The game also has a sense of humour, not taking itself too seriously and making some nice references to other games – but it’d be more fun for you to find them yourself.