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Survivor Squad – Reivew (PC)

Survivor Squad takes place in a world in which a zombie outbreak has happened. You start as a single survivor, quickly building a squad of four and having the ability to expand even further. Your squad makes it their mission to find a cure and stop the outbreak – par for the course, really. You are tipped off about a doctor who is working towards a cure and it becomes your mission to find him and aid him in driving off the infection.

FORCED – Review (PC)

As a sacrificial gladiator you are trained for twenty years until you are ready to be dropped down a big pit in the centre of town that holds spirits that protect your village. After twenty years of intense training you are told, quite bluntly, by a depressed version of Na’vi that you will not survive. Now, where we come from that’s fighting talk so after a short tutorial we were ready to begin our first challenge. The fairy did not give us enough credit as we mopped the floor with the first, second and third challenges. Then the problems started… “Use me to destroy these statues.” The fairy said as he passed over a shrine that made him into a miniature Fae-Bomb™ that could be called to any place by a single button press. Now, as most of you know, the first instinct when given an opportunity to screw over a teammate is to screw over a teammate. The rebuttal to being screwed over, of course, being revenge meant that this level took us much longer than the others. Gone were the days of killing, this was now a puzzle game where everyone is your enemy.

Stinging Swing -Beatbuddy OST Released On BandCamp!

We absolutely loved it! One of the many highlights of the game was it’s absolutely stellar soundtrack, featuring music from the likes of Austin Wintory and Parov Stelar; now you can pick up that very soundtrack on Bandcamp – and for a very reasonable price.

BlackSoul – Review (PC)

BlackSoul is an PC indie horror game developed by Xenios Vision, and is currently available via ditigal distribution service Desura. The game is set in the town of BlackWood which is subject to strange happenings and has the player take control of two siblings as the story unfolds.

Thinking Outside The Cube – Uemeu Launches Greenlight Campaign

Omnigon games debut title/build ’em up is an ambitious sandbox game with seemingly limitless potential. Uemeu (pronounced You-Me-You) gives players the creative freedom to build mega structures, beautiful vistas, and pretty much anything they can think up – and they can do it all collaboratively!

Guns of Icarus Online – Review (PC)

Guns of Icarus Online takes place after a large war which has run the earth barren. Humanity has developed technology which allows them to traverse the skies in airships. They do so seeking resources and trade to protect their livelihood. Rising from the ashes of a ruined planet, humanity has split into factions each with their own views, rules and aesthetic style. Ranging from the Mercantile Guild – seeking material gain, but never forgetting their origins – to the Arashi League – living in the harshest of environments, forced to co-operate with eachother.

One thing is true of every faction in the game; they’re fighting to survive.