Beast Boxing Turbo – Review (PC)

Someone Call PETA, I Can’t Stop Beating Beasts

Beast Boxing Turbo is a first-person boxing game created by the indie folks at Goodhustle Studios Inc and recently released on Steam for PC and MAC. The developers have released a few other games, so they aren’t exactly the new kids on the block; Beast Boxing Turbo is testament to their skill.The Steam Greenlight program has brought many games to the public eye, some downright terrible, some just barely below great, and then there are diamonds in the rough.


You play as Char, a human aspiring to join the exciting, yet painful world of Beast Boxing. There’s only one problem, you’re a human! Well better go out and look for a new dream right? Wrong! You do the only sensible thing there is and find yourself an old monster costume, of course! After a short tutorial, you face off against Piglas.  After beating him in true Beast Boxing fashion (With your fists!) he offers to become your coach. Piglas becomes your first friend on the beast Boxing circuit, and is joined by your former opponents soon after each match. It’s like Rocky, only with monsters fighting you and less undecipherable speaking. Piglas coaches you in the form of short tutorials and instructions. You are taught how to jab, hook, uppercut, and block before the fight, more tutorials unlocking as you advance through the career mode.

Beast boxing Turbo is very much a modern Punch-Out game. The fights are very well animated, and they are very reminiscent of old arcade boxing games. The punching mechanics require timing and precision; when used with skill, they are very satisfying. The main premise of playing the game is box, buy training at Piglas’ gym and buy equipment to further supplement that training. The cost of training raises quickly and you soon find yourself fighting exhibition matches for money. The items you can purchase, which all affect the appearance of Char, soon start taking a toll on your bank account as well. These RPG elements with levels and gear make Beast Boxing Turbo a joy to play, and after you win your career, why not do it again? You keep your training and gear, however the opponents you so defeated so easily before are back with even more power and speed.

Beast Boxing Turbo’s story is cutscene-free with no voice-acting aside from grunting and the crowd’s occasional cheer when you deck your opponent. Goodhustle instead relies on text and artwork to continue the story along its very comical track. This showcases the wonderful art style of this game that more than makes up for the lack of animated cutscenes. Career boxing and customization not your thing? Show and brag to your friends about being a Beast Boxing champion with Endless mode, a gauntlet style mode that offers no rest sudden-death rounds against all the bosses without any of your upgrades or gear. Your scores are not only shown to friends, but to the entire world. Sadly, this is the only way to show your friends your skills as there is no multiplayer in Beast Boxing Turbo.

Winner is you!

Beast Boxing Turbo manages to take the boxing genre in a bizarre new direction and is all the better for it. The music, art-style, comedic story, and gameplay are all well executed, and make a fun game that will keep you hooked (get it? – Ed). The game adds a breath of fresh air into Punch-Out clones and boxing games everywhere. At a paltry £3.99, it is worth picking up.  We recommend it to anyone who enjoys boxing, or even arcade games in general.