Thinking Outside The Cube – Uemeu Launches Greenlight Campaign

To you, to me, to you – Uemeu

Omnigon games debut title/build ’em up is an ambitious sandbox game with seemingly limitless potential. Uemeu (pronounced You-Me-You) gives players the creative freedom to build mega structures, beautiful vistas, and pretty much anything they can think up – and they can do it all collaboratively! Omnigon Games founder, Jeremy Hindle, hopes to turn Uemeu into a safe creative online space where people can build games and structures together. Having played the game, we are very excited to see what the future holds.

Whats better, you can now vote for Uemeu on Greenlight! We can assure you it is well worth a look, especially for creatives who like a clean interface and intuitive building tools. Look out for more coverage of Uemeu soon on CIG, in the meantime whet your appetite with the video below!

Be a sport and give Uemeu a thumbs up Greenlight.
You can also purchase and play Uemeu NOW on Desura!