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The Castle Doctrine – Review (PC)

The front door slams open, darkness obscures all but the corridor in front of me. Meticulously I scrutinise the walls for other rooms, knowing that behind any of the doors lays certain death. I tentatively enter a room to find a cowering family before me. Mother, daughter and son scramble out , making a break for the front door. A close call; had they owned a gun, I would be dead. I continued further down the hall, peaking through another door; to my dismay, I was face to face with a bloodthirsty pit bull. Hot on my heels, the ravenous beast chased me back through the hallway and out of the house. I returned home, a little worse for wear, but empty-handed. Crossing the threshold, a pool of blood encircled my shoes. While I was out, my wife had been murdered, and my savings stolen. This is brutal. This is The Castle Doctrine.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – Review (Xbox One)

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (M:TCoB) was developed by the award-winning team at Press Play. They are perhaps best known for the Max & the Magic Marker series, M:TCoB is a sequel which adds new gameplay aspects, on the all-new Xbox One console.. M:TCoB starts out with Max coming home, only to find his annoying brother Felix destroying his toys. In typical Labyrinth fashion, Max quickly finds a spell from the internet to rid himself of this problem. As in the Labyrinth, he quickly realizes what a bad idea that is as a rift opens in his room, from which a huge hand appears, only to snatch away his brother. Without hesitation Max leaps in after the beast, in pursuit of his brother.

Velocity Ultra – Review (PC)

Velocity Ultra is a shoot ’em up created by FuturLab, a small game-designing company that has been making games since 2007. They got their break when Sony gave them a chance to create games for Sony devices such as the Playstation, the PSP and the Vita. Velocity Ultra is a high-definition remake of the game, Velocity that was released on the PSP. Velocity Ultra includes numerous new features and the graphics have been completely reworked to work with the high-definition of the PS Vita. This isn’t a review for Velocity on the Vita however, how does it hold up on PC?

Critical Indie Gamer: Game of the Year 2013 – Most Anticipated

To kick of proceedings, we thought it would be best to start off looking forward. 2013 was a great year and we have plenty to reminisce about, but let’s look forward to 2014 and the games we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Race The Sun – Review (PC)

Race The Sun has you dodging obstacles. Much like the initial state of the game, in the first region, they’re simple. As you advance regions, obstacles begin to move. Moving obstacles are coloured red and are easy to spot, but the direction or pattern they’ll move in isn’t always so easy to figure out. Moving obstacles isn’t the only trick the game has up its sleeve to ensure you fail. Some regions are based on shadows and will funnel you down difficult paths and fishing out a mistake, or pressuring you into the shadows where you’ll slow to a halt without sunlight. Shadows aren’t the only way to lose sunlight. As you are racing the sun, it can eventually reach the point where the sun sets, rendering you incapable of moving unless you manage to find a sun pick-up.

The Beard’s Game of The Year – 2013

So the year has come to a close and it’s time for Game of the Year awards. I, like many others, have spent all year playing games, following hype trains and sometimes being disappointed — but I’ve also been surprised. For better or worse, the following twelve games are games that, to me, stood out the most in 2013. I hope you enjoy my list.