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Video Games & The Unhealthy Obsession With Breasts

The only way to stop this standardisation of breasts and repression of female characters is to stand up to these tits and demand characters with varying personalities and physiques. Make your voice heard in the comments of video game trailers and on news articles. Write angry letters, not emails, actual letters and deliver them by hand.

Reaper – Review (PC)

Reaper doesn’t stand out in the sidescrolling genre and if not for the polished art would be a forgettable title. For $5 though it doesn’t fleece your pockets and provides enough gameplay to be worth the investment, if you are a fan of the genre.

Goldbeard – Review (PC)

Goldbeard is but a simple blacksmith, in his workshop working away on some new tool when the Queen bursts in. She is quick to inform him that the king’s part has gone out of control! Why they’ve spent all the gold! Not just a big problem, we can make more. They’ve ate all the food! That’s not so bad, we’ll grow more. They’ve drank ALL the ale! THEY’VE WHAT!? That alone gives us our incentive to go forth on this mighty quest.