Globlins – Review (iOS)

Oozing with charm (when it works)

On a heroic quest to explore the galaxy, your dad and his pet monkey go where no man (and monkey) has gone before. Their excursion leads them to a fertile planet that is  rich with plant life. Little do they know, however, that they have brought some stowaways with them on the way back to Earth. They are called Globlins; think of them as little boogers with teeth and you’ll have the right idea. It’s up to you to squish these little creatures and stop their spread across the Earth.

At its core, Globlins is a pattern-based puzzle game. You are tasked with popping them all with as little taps as possible. In order to pop a Globlin, however, it must be full-sized. Clicking on one that isn’t fully-sized will increase its mass – at the expense of some of your energy bar. When a Globlin pops, it sends gooey matter flying in four different directions. If the matter touches another fully Grown Globlin it will pop and, likewise, send matter flying in different directions. Some boards feature the possibility for a one-tap completion, sending blobs of goo flying all over the screen. These levels are particularly rewarding. If your energy bar runs low though, it is game over, so it pays to think ahead.

Should you find yourself in a pinch you can enlist the help of your friend to drop a multi-directional Globlin on the board. Placing these carefully can make short work of even the toughest levels. These are less effective in levels with physical blocks, so use them carefully. The game features micro-transactions to allow you to buy various items to use, but it didn’t feel necessary during play.

We were really enjoying our time with Globlins until we decided to update to the latest version of the game. At present, it no longer works properly on our iDevice, we can’t even get past the title screen of the game. Before the update we encountered a number of crashes and we’d love to tell you if they have been fixed, but we can’t find out for ourselves.


There are a lot of games on iOS that are very similar to Globlins. Where the game stands out is its presentation. Characters, levels and even the menus are lively, bright and appealing. Sound effects are suitably zany,and the soundtrack is surprisingly pleasant to listen to.

Had our copy of the game not been subject to repeated crashes we’d have no problems with recommending it, as things stand though, we think it is best to hold off until all of the bugs are ironed out.

Globlins is available to buy from the Appstore and Google Play store