Heroes of Steel – PC (Review)

Zeros of Steel

User ratings have been disabled for this review due to score fixing by the developer here.

Heroes of Steel is a turn-based RPG developed by Trese Brothers, a small developer who also make mobile games. It is their first attempt at bridging their work to the desktop via Desura. The game is set in the post-apocalyptic world of Steel and the player controls 4 unique characters, each with special skills and individual talents.

You being in a dungeon where 3 of the characters are being held against their will. When the final character is brought into the jail their collective journey begins. Using the thief’s skills of lock picking the player escapes and works their way through a small tutorial battle to get a handle on the controls. After that you are on your own to save the world with your merry band of heroes.

The game is played in a top down world and has an old school dungeon crawler feel. Player interactions take place by character cutouts popping onto the screen with text to keep you informed of the story as it develops. Aesthetically the game is quite poor. The characters for the most part are just badly drawn. From skewed anatomy to flat colours it just isn’t pleasing to look at. If the developers are serious about breaking into the PC market and charging ~ $10 dollars then they have to enlist the services of a quality artist. The level of detail in the story and lore behind the game is commendable even if the dialogue could have been better – some lines are very cliché.

Musically, Heroes of Steel is immersive and captures an exciting battle feel, sadly music tracks are a little thin on the ground. Sound effects are decent, but more variety would have been appreciated.

Strangely, your group’s health and ability points do not replenish on their own. This is our biggest gripe with the game: every ability requires “spirit” to use, and because there is a reliance on potions there were times we would have a character almost useless in fights. Each character has 3 abilities at their disposal at any one time; even more oddly, the standard attacks that don’t require spirit are not displayed by default. This meant that every time we ran out of spirit, we had to go into the menu system to find an attack we could use. This issue is highly irritating – even more so due to how simple it is to fix..Coupled with the already clunky movement in rigid paths it makes the game feel…slow.

Levelling up is a bit different from classic RPGs; you don’t immediately get to upgrade skill points. Instead you have to wait until you are at a resting area to upgrade your stats. This system is counter-productive. We would have instead preferred the immediate gratification of upgrading our character, like in other RPGs.

For the price, Heroes of Steel offers a decent amount of gameplay, but with so many other RPGs available on the PC market it is hard to recommend. Overall it feels like a large-scale web game and needs to be developed further.

Heroes of Steel is available to purchase on Desura.