Infested Planet – Review (PC)

Infested Planet is a Real-Time Strategy game set in the future developed by Rocket Bear Games. A platoon of hardened space marines are deployed on a hostile alien planet, host to a rampaging horde of xenoforms and, as you might have guessed, they aren’t the friendliest of critters. The game revolves around the player commanding the squadron of marines to survive and wipe out the never-ending threat.

The game features two game modes, Campaign and Skirmish. Campaign mode features 17 levels to play through which become increasingly more difficult whilst telling a story and teach the player the mechanics of the game. Skirmish mode allows for players to test their skills in a mode with custom settings, from map size to enemy respawn rate.

During the course of the Campaign, players are able to access power ups and abilities by spending the currency earned after every mission. The game rewards players with money regardless of whether they completed the mission or not, which, in theory, helps struggling players as they can eventually take powerful abilities into missions, allowing them to progress further.

Infested Planet’s story is a little threadbare and is used to link mission progress but in games like this the story isn’t what keeps players around. What is needed is enjoyable gameplay and we feel this game delivers in a rewarding way. It pushes offensive tactics with a mix of traditional tower defence mechanics that provides a sense of achievement when you finally take down a nest by outmaneuvering the enemy.

An interesting feature of the game is the dynamic use of “mutations” within the enemy lines. Infested Planet is designed to adapt to the success of players to counter easy wins. For example using a sniper could be countered by a mutation which erects walls, destroying the line of sight of the sniper and rendering him useless. There are 35 mutations, all of which we haven’t encountered, but each require a unique counter to keep ahead of imminent death.

For the most part the gameplay hits the spot. Every action should be calculated to limit losses whilst gaining ground and a mis-click or poor choice can be the difference between success and failure. Marines can be upgraded from standard grunts with points earned from capturing hives; an upgraded marine is a happy marine.

From its clean user-interface and options menu, to its brightly coloured assets, the games visuals are nice. The only let down here is the upgrade interface isn’t as good as the rest of the game. There is also decent soundtrack to keep you motivated and kicking alien ass.

Infested Planet is a fun-filled, often chaotic game. Fans of RTS games should try it out. With its slick look and addictive gameplay it will provide a few entertaining hours of exploding alien scrubs and conquering foreign planets.

Infested Planet is available to buy on Steam