Plants Vs Zombies Pinball FX 2 Table – Review (PC)

Grains… Graaaaaaains…

Pinball is a throwback towards a simpler time. It is the most violent you can get for only a quarter. Smashing that poor ball around knocking around innocent bumpers with increasing force and furry.  With the violent nature of pinball, zombies are a natural fit, PopCap Games and Zen Studios has taken that theme and created a monster of a virtual pinball machine.


You begin the table trying to activate the sun, allowing you to collect sun to purchase different seeds that infuse your pinball with super powers. Yes you read that correctly, your pinball now has superhuman abilities. Those powers include the Torchwood Pea which turns your pinball into a fireball that causes more damage to zombies and the Snow pea, a ball of ice that causes each zombie hit to freeze in place for a few seconds.

If you are able to hit the C-R-A-Z-Y letters on the board you are then treated to a Crazy Dave’s car recklessly crashing onto the table. You must then bash your ball into the back of his car three times, opening its trunk, after accomplishing that you must aim your pea into the back of the car so you can enter his store Twiddydinkies. To purchase items in the store you must defeat zombies and then collect the coins that they leave behind – much like the original Plants Vs Zombies. Crazy Dave’s store offers six upgrades such as money multipliers, score multipliers, or entry into a mini-game involving a snail named Stinky.

Various challenge modes can be activated by hitting sinkholes on the table. Melon Put mode erects zombies in the middle of the playfield and you aim the melon launchers built into the bottom of the table at the undead, sending the melons flying with your launch button.  Multiball mode is activated by collecting the fertilizer bonus, buying the Gatling Pea bonus at Crazy Dave’s store, or by shooting your pea a varying number of times on the same ramp creating a combo bonus.

Pinball FX 2 features three main missions that must be passed  to beat the table. Each one involves killing a set number of zombies and accomplishing a certain goal, with some missions featuring a time limit The first mission sees you killing 18 zombies which rewards you with a score that can be multiplied during play.


The Plants Vs Zombies table is a faithful recreation of the PopCap tower defense game. From Doctor Zomboss and his menacing zombie machine resting at the top of the table, right down to the pea seed pinball, everything reeks of Plants Vs Zombies.

The audio of the game is ripped directly from its source, the voice of the sunflower helpfully encouraging you along, even the scream of “NOOOOOO” of the poor homeowner should you fail in your mission is present. The music of the original is also present here as a gleeful juxtaposition of  joyous ambiance amidst the horrifying cartoon carnage.

It could be argued that modern pinball tables especially those that exist in the realm of video games have become far too complicated for the casual fan of the silver ball. This table is no exception; there are a whole lot of things going on at once.. In order to get the most out of everything this table has to offer it is highly recommended that you look up a guide online. It is astonishing how far things have come when you need a walk-through just to bash a ball around a table to gain points.


Pinball FX 2’s Plants Vs Zombies Table offers something for both fans of pinball and PvZ. The board is challenging and, at times, can be very confusing – unless you find outside help. Having said that, Zen Studio’s Pinball FX  proves that pinball is as alive and well as it has ever been.

The Plants V Zombies Pinball FX 2 Table is currently available on Steam.

  • IshieFify

    OMG this table is just soooo cute! Really adorbs. Being a zombie fan myself, I’d put this table in my room and play all day long! Huehuehue… Oh! And if you guys happen to know more zombie games I could play, please tell meeeee ^_^

    • zombie_lol

      I recommend Tapslayer: Alice in Zombieland. it’s free and quite awesomee. You should try it. We can be friends there 😀

  • zombie_lol