Monthly Archives: April 2014

Drifter – Preview (PC)

Early access is a plague rapidly spreading it’s way throughout gaming. We remember the days when you could skim through steam and be guaranteed that almost any game you clicked on would be decent and worth the price. Now it’s getting harder to find one that’s even finished!

Scourge: Outbreak – Review (PC)

Looking for a new game to play is much like fishing. Sometimes you’ll catch a tasty salmon with its high fidelity scales and stunning photorealistic movements. Other times you’ll catch a beautiful tiny fish that has so many colours and is such a quirky little thing you can’t help but mount it on the wall. Then there are the brown fish. A zoologist would tell you they are all different species but it’s hard to tell. The brown coated Gearow, the brown grey Cod and the splurge coated Scourge: Outbreak (Lat: Scourgious Shittius).

Cloudbuilt – Review (PC)

Personally we think this is a ridiculous observation. Anyone who claims that games are too easy these days has clearly never played Demons souls or Dark Souls or Super Meatboy or I wanna Be The Guy… the list goes on and now Cloudbuilt has every right to join their ranks. Anyone who thinks games are too easy, we challenge you to play this.