Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest – Review (PC)

 What time is it? Mediocrity time! – Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest

Meh-(adj) unexceptional or uninspiring. Finn and Jakes Epic Quest is “meh”. There is no better word to describe this game than “meh”.2014-04-18_00036

Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest is a dungeon crawling hack and slash set in the Adventure Time universe. This time round the land of Ooo has mysteriously been turned into a videogame and it’s up to Jake the dog and Finn the human to find BMO in the hopes that he can help. The gameplay is your typical hack and slash affair. You can switch between Finn and Jake with the press of a button, Finn being your light and speedy character and Jake being your hard hitter. The combat is pretty simple and while there are a few combos you will most likely end up mashing the same combo over and over until whatever unfortunate resident of Ooo that confronted you dies. Unless it was a squirrel… then you’re as well just lying down and accepting your new career as a pile of giblets. Mixing things up every now and again you find the pages of the Enchiridion which provide you with temporary power ups like Lady Rainicorn which lets you fly around the map and Party God which makes you invulnerable, with the ability to kill on touch. These are the only items you ever find besides food for healing and keys to open chests full of more pages of the Enchiridion; while this is a fun way to do powerups it becomes boring very quickly.


As you’ve probably realised by now, the game relies heavily on references so if you’re not a fan of the show you will be left in the dark. All of the worlds are places in the show, like the ice kingdom. The enemies are ripped straight from the show, like the tree witch and Gunter and you can summon allies like Marceline, although we had hoped that some characters could have gotten a bit more screen time. On the bright side though, yes, you do get to fight the ice king.

While the game won’t win any awards for dazzling graphics, the visuals are nice looking and the bright coloured cartoony style genuinely looks like a videogame version of the Adventure Time world. Besides, the game politely excused itself from having to make much of an effort with graphics with its plot remember? The music is also the same chiptune… tunes… from the show which while not being all the great to listen to at least give that proper Adventure Time feel.

Finn and Jakes Epic Quest has quite a specific audience which is probably one of it’s biggest downfalls. Though, that probably doesn’t matter since anyone who liked Adventure Time has probably already bought it. The biggest thing this game has going for it is the Adventure Time brand, because there’s really nothing special about it. Strangely though, while it is generic it is also very playable. It isn’t a must have, but if you like dungeon crawlers and Adventure Time you could give it a shot. Hell, at least this one isn’t 30 quid.

Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest is available on Steam