Monthly Archives: June 2014

Another World 20th Anniversary Edition – Review (PS3/PS4/PS Vita/ WiiU)

Another World 20th Anniversary Edition isn’t a game that everyone will pick up and love. In fact, due to its difficulty and Stone Age design we expect many will hate it. But if you enjoyed games like Flashback and Prince of Persia, you are in safe hands.

Z-Run – Review (PS Vita)

The endless runner scourge has made its way from smartphones, to PC, and even to consoles. The genre has seen countless different settings and themes injected into it for flavour, but this is the first time (that we are aware of) that we have ever seen it cross-contaminate with the vile zombie hordes.

The Forest – Preview (PC)

In The Forest, you play as a plane crash victim whose son has been kidnapped by naked cannibals. So your first course of action should be to eat some berries and construct a shelter, like The Swiss Family Robinson except with cannibals instead of Christian values.

Magicka: Wizard Wars – Preview (PC)

The Magicka series has always been designed to be easy to pick-up and play, but difficult to master, and Wizard Wars is no different. Our first few games were a chaotic button mashing frenzy with enough spells being cast to make Harry Potter dizzy.