Squids Odyssey – Review (Wii U)

A Very Odd Sea Indeed – Squids Odyssey

Squids Odyssey is an iOS game turned Wii U masterpiece. Never have we been so enthused about such a simple game but it turns out The Game Bakers knew just what we wanted for our Wii U. A colourful world, simple controls and a well told story.


In Squids Odyssey, you control a ragtag bunch of squids on their quest to save their underwater kingdom from complete destruction from a mysterious squid. The characters aren’t going to win any awards but their unique designs and cringe-worthy dialogue makes some of the main characters interesting. The point of the game is to build an army but you’ll probably end up just using the initial characters unless it makes you use others. This is a bit of a problem as often your newer squids get forgotten and sometimes become very weak. Thankfully they are never too weak as new squids start with stats equivalent to what your squids should be when you pick them up, so if you have squids you can’t stand, then you can usually ignore them with little consequence.

To make your squids more powerful or unique, you can give them hats. Can we stop with hats? Hats aren’t all that funny. Its ruined even more when the hats give different stat boosts which then forces you to stick on the crappy hat with the better stats. If you don’t feel like buying into the games industry’s rather suspect hat obsession; you can level your squids up by paying pearls (The in game currency). This puts their stats up and makes their special a bit more powerful.

During the actual game (Where those hats and stats are used), you control your squids by dragging them with the stylus and launching them around the map. You take it in turns to move each of your squid; either simply moving them or throwing them at an enemy to damage them. The turn order can be a bit erratic at times, with enemies sometimes getting too few or too many turns. Though this can usually be avoided with careful tactics. This means it can often be very easy if you stock up on miracle squid, a resurrection item or explosive jellies, a bomb that can be guided around the map for massive damage. Cheap, but satisfying nonetheless.

At the end of each level you are awarded stars based on: finding the secret star, not letting any squid fall off the edge or get knocked out and beating the level under par. Its a simple way of scoring but it’s very effective (If a bit redundant as the stars seem to do nothing). To keep things interesting the goals change from level to level and each section takes place in a new area with new themes and enemies so you will have to change up your tactics.


Its not all sunshine and squids though as the menus are almost painful to navigate at times, hints pop up during game at the most annoying times and female characters have atrocious dialogue and designs.Our biggest complaint however is that while the dialogue pictures of the squids are 2D and the world is 2D; your squids are 3D and look strangely out of place.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Oh, a three star scoring system, it must be a crappy iOS app’ , and while you’re right about it being an iOS app Squids Odyssey has two things that are truly great.

The story in Squids Odyssey, while a bit cliched and referential, is solid enough to have kept us playing for five hours straight, and the firing mechanic translates beautifully to the Wii U and is really fun to use.

If you have a Wii U and are looking for something to pass the time, you can’t do any better than Squids Odyssey.

  • Paul Marrable

    sweet! Something else to add the the wii u collection.
    The Wii U is really coming alive recently!