Those Who Play – New RPG By Scottish Developer

Our very own Danny Boyle is spreading his game reviewing wings and is aiming to release his own lightweight RPG system. Take a look and back his Kickstarter if you can! – ED

I set out to create a system that I could use and enjoy and as development continued over the months, I realised, people would like this. So I hired some artists and started working on Those Who Play as a professional product, playtesting vigorously and heading out to conventions to get other game designer’s opinions on it. Now, eight months into development, I’ve decided to go to Kickstarter to try and fund the printing of the book and pay the artists.logo_transparent

Many people have asked what makes Those Who Play so different to other systems and I’ve responded with “its dynamic combat”. I can’t think of any other system that does combat that is as free-flowing and dynamic as it does in Those Who Play (And I’ve got a four feet high stack of RPGs in the corner of my room!). Though, I’ve also done my best to make the Skills and Traits system as useful and character defining as I could, and from what playtesters have said the character creation system works great.


The core rulebook is 120 pages long and contains everything you will need to run a game in any setting or even a mix of settings, without having to worry about balancing the mechanics of it all. With this in mind, I’ve been working on various setting books to be released yearly or bi-yearly depending on the size and time available. Backing the Kickstarter at any physical copy level guarantees you any unlocked supplement books for free (Except for postage).

Those Who Play is just the first step in the project though, as it is the groundwork for a line of setting books and supplemental adventures. The books will be available to purchase from the Those Who Play website. The website will also play host to news, adventures, tips and more, with the hopes of opening up into a forum for people to share ideas.

Amoeba LoveAs I am a lone developer, it means I can work closely with the community to make sure supplement books have what people want and aren’t bloated with useless information. On top of the supplement books, I will also be working under the OGL (Open Gaming Licence) meaning anyone can release books using the system. This way, there will hopefully be a steady stream of professional content.

Currently we are focusing on getting high quality art into the book as well as creating creatures and a great adventure for new and old players to enjoy as they ease into the system.

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