Bridge Constructor Medieval – Review (PC)

It’s pretty much all in the title – Bridge Constructor Medieval

Simulation game’s popularity have grown in leaps and bounds in recent years, with new professions being game-ified every week. Bus driver, forklift operator, surgery and now medieval bridge architecture.
ss_6c2255c11eda07d74407333e84e31135887741ea.600x338Bridge Constructor Medieval is the latest in bridge architecture simulation but this time with a fun twist; its medieval! We rarely expect much from these titles, usually they serve as little more than shovelware or for a very niche market. So, when we say that Bridge Constructor Medieval is alright, that simply means its better than most of the trash it shares its bin with.

Bridge Constructor Medieval‘s mechanics are much as you’d expect; you construct bridges. To do this you have several types of materials from rope to stone and various bridge building challenges that involve these materials. Once you’ve made your bridge, a convoy is sent across it where the dodgy physics engine puts stress on your bridge and decides if it will break or not. It can be quite encouraging when your bridge stands up to incredible amounts of stress and it can be infuriating when it doesn’t. If there was a ragdoll system that made the falling soldiers and carts more interesting to watch, then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad but as it stands, they simply arc towards the ground and die unspectacularly.

The graphics style, in our opinion, is slightly better than that of its predecessor as things are more stylised. Coupled with the medieval theme it makes for an attractive looking game, as long as you like the cartoon aesthetic.

The setting works well, especially for a bridge building sim and the way it justifies each mission is hilarious in that it’s terribly convoluted.

We must prepare a counter attack!
But we need swords!
The blacksmith is at the other side of the river, build a bridge to supply our troops!

ss_01da942bb98db918e27ae05bcce10909596eb9ef.600x338Not exactly Groucho Marx but it’s enough to make the story tolerable. It does have a story; a simulator with a storyline. It’s pretty standard fare with an old king fighting against a warlord who seeks to overthrow him and rob the lands. Not great, but at least its trying, gold star for that.

Bridge Constructor Medieval adds a few new mechanics on to the groundwork laid by the original, namely the siege mechanic. In some challenges, catapults will be raining rocks down upon your bridge and convoy which you must protect with the inclusion of roofs. There’s also a few challenges in which you turn the concept on its head and must design a bridge that will collapse when the enemy troops run across it. It’s an interesting change from the original formula and extends the runtime of the game, while breaking the monotony a bit.

It’s hard to say much about a simulator title that isn’t explained by the title. Bridge Constructor Medieval involves building bridges in the dark ages and for what its worth, its alright. It can be quite engaging at first but if you aren’t gripped tightly by the concept, then it’ll be hard to push through to the end. Perhaps the mobile version can provide some enjoyment while waiting for the bus, but as a PC game it doesn’t offer much.

Bridge Constructor Medieval is available on Steam and Android.