Have You Heard Of : Flat Kingdom ?(PC)

Ahh, that age-old predicament; someone’s kidnapped the princess and stolen your mystical, power-wielding jewels. You could send an axe-wielding maniac out to recover both and restore order to the kingdom, but that’s a bit too violent. Instead, why not send a friendly little shapeshifter in their place? After all, three forms is better than one. That’s Flat Kingdom‘s solution, anyway. But the journey won’t be easy, those jewels that were stolen hold ancient powers that are now turning the Flat Kingdom into a 3D world, and making the local wildlife aggressive. Nevertheless, Flat, our multi-talented protagonist is up to the task! Using his three forms: circle, square and triangle, Flat can overcome any trial and give his enemies a thrashing whilst he’s at it.
flat kingdom game kickstarterFlat Kingdom is reminiscent of some of the old-school platformers from our (not so distant) youth, where each character had a specific purpose, but it takes things a step further. Sure, you’ll use each of Flat’s forms to overcome different obstacles, like using the heavy square to activate pressure plates, but you’ll also require each of them for different enemies. Combat plays a little bit like rock, paper, scissor, and you’ll need to think quickly to choose the right shape to defeat each enemy. Choosing the incorrect shape will knock a chunk off your health bar and send you flailing back, but choosing the right one allows you to zoom past your fallen foe.

The game plays like a puzzle platformer, and requires good timing and dexterity. For example, to activate aforementioned pressure plates you’ll need to double jump using the circle form, quickly transform into the square and ground stomp the plate. Currently the controls are a little finicky, so it is easier said than done, but it’s quite satisfying to pull off. The demo features this ground stomp mechanic quite heavily, and you’ll need it to defeat the giant venus flytrap boss creature. The key is to wait for it to stick its neck out, and double jump, just like before, then stomp on its head.
flat kingdom kickstarterThere’s not much to the demo, sadly, but it’s enough to whet our appetites and leave us wanting more. With 15 days left in the Kickstarter, and one-third of the funding secured, things could go either way though. If, like us, you want to see more of Flat Kingdom‘s multi-shaped, papercraft world, try the demo and toss them some coin over on the Kickstarter page. You can also give it a thumbs up on Steam Greenlight.