Indie Games Need Fewer Islands

Pimm Hogeling, of developer Ilumbo, reached out to Critical Indie Gamer to discuss “Warphole” , a technology that allows games to borrow assets from one another.

“All art is about blending old and new,” says Pimm Hogeling, “and indie
game devs mix in too much new”. Indie games often come packed with unique characters and surroundings, but these Dutch creators appeal for more
similarity across games.

“Part of what makes the newer Mario games great,” Pimm explains, “is Mario. Everyone knows him. We all have some kind of relationship with him.”

Dutch studio Ilumbo has just released *Pop! Ilumbo* and is currently working on *Spur*. Despite the former being a puzzler and the latter anunmistakable arcade game, the two share characters and other recognisable elements.
pimm hogeling warphole
“Spur and his animal companions deserve more adventures than just the one.” says Karim Sempel. “We feel the same way about other characters, which is why we included WarpHole.”

WarpHole is the technology included in Pop! Ilumbo that allows it to borrow art from other games it finds on the device, including *Shu’s Garden*, *Zen Bound 2* and *Carmageddon*. If Shu’s Garden is installed, for instance, WarpHole will add an extra puzzle to Pop! Ilumbo that features the Shucharacter.

You can check out Ilumbo’s games on Google Play.