On The First Day of Christmas We Gave To You: OlliOlli

That’s right, we’ve got 2 copies of Roll7’s tough as nails skater, OlliOlli, to give away. Back in January, I described it as “the best kind of grind“, and now is your chance to find out why.

But there’s more! Each code comes with the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Playstation Vita copies of the game. Shove that in your Christmas stocking!

To be in with a chance to win all you need to do is leave a comment below (with your Twitter, Steam, or PSN account name so we can contact you). Winners will be drawn at random. It’s as simple as that. Winners will be drawn and notified when tomorrow’s giveaway goes live!

Good luck!

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N.B. These are European PSN codes and will not work in any other region, please note that before taking part. With thanks to Roll7 for providing promo copies.


EDIT – The Winners!

We drew two random numbers between 1 and 25 for every comment on yesterday’s giveaway, and our lucky OlliOlli winners were:

Screenshot 2014-12-13 15.45.31


    1st!! I hope i win :D!

    PSN ID: DJ_Tomato
    Feel free to add me and play some videogames!

  • Terence Bigt Green

    PSN/Twitter BIGTnumber1

  • lionintown

    Found this through r/vita, thanks for doing this! My PSN ID is mr-korosu

  • MonoAudioStereo

    steam: MonoAudioStereo. Thanks.

  • kevinodonnell91

    @kevinodonnell91 on Twitter.

    PS – the new site is looking sexy.

    • Ryan Mc Donagh

      thanks 😀

  • JButter

    PSN ID is Jeffrey-Btt.
    Very cool of you to give away some sweet games 🙂

  • hayden

    always wanted to try olli olli psn name:thegamerfrommar

  • Jellal

    Its nice to get in the Christmas spirit
    Psn wanderersx3_2

    • Ryan Mc Donagh

      Hey, Jellal!

      One of our previous winners did not accept my friend invite to get his code, so I re-rolled and your comment number came up (number 8). I will send over your code soon! 🙂

  • Kevin Murphy

    kevinm360 on PSN

    Love the new site man. Looks nice and clean on mobile.

  • I-D-K

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    PSN – Shuhei–Yoshida

  • karbonaat12

    karbonaat12 on steam!

    • Ryan Mc Donagh

      Hey, Karbonaat. I tried adding you on Steam, but the search function cannot find you. Do you have an alternative means of contact?

  • EmbersToAshes

    ToEmbersAshes on PSN. Fingers crossed!

  • Sean

    Seanboyd26 is my psn 🙂

  • Charlie Richardson

    grimmsoad on psn
    grimmsoad07 on steam

  • wihih

    Psn nanandeeros
    Twitter wihih

  • Kazuhira Miller

    on Twitter
    I’m already excited for the 2nd day. Great giveaway! 🙂

  • Thezez

    @thezez Awesome!

  • Brad

    PSN – Bradaz360XD
    Twitter – BradazKing

  • tikiking68

    @Follow_Kyan Twitter
    tikiking68 PSN
    Thanks for giving us a change to win OlliOlli

  • Bobdweller

    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

    PSN: BobBallZ

  • Stuart Leather

    Psn Id – massivefirefox
    Thanks.merry Christmas!

  • Dave

    PSN: xAorta, good luck everyone!

  • Miguel Sanchez

    PSN Tabletopjoe84

  • idkfa

    @idkfapl on twitter