Mimpi – Review (PC)


Take a journey with me through a twisted mind; a place where things aren’t quite as they appear, and where surprises await you on every screen. This strange new land is filled with undocumented creatures and mechanisms that are as entrancing as they are dangerous.But these lands are no place for a dog to be separated from its owner, and you will need an eye for details, as well as the ability to think laterally, if you are to return Mimpi to his master. If you can navigate your new surroundings, acquaint yourself with the locals and solve the many tricky puzzles that await you, just maybe he can make it home.

mimpi indie puzzle game pc ios

Mimpi is an odd creation, like the mutant offspring of Monty Python and Sergeant Pepper, on a mutual acid trip. Its vast sprawling lands are filled with fantastical mechanisms and beasts, all awash with vivid, eye-searing colour and a cacophony of bewildering sounds. Despite its simple, papercraft appearance there is detail by the bucketload, be it in the behaviour of its mythical creatures, the movement cycles of obstacles, or the complexity of the game’s puzzles.

I could never quite pin Mimpi down to just one genre though, finding myself in a complex action platforming set-piece one moment, and a tricky pattern-based puzzle the next.  Progression hinges on your ability to spot patterns in your environment and put them into practice at some point later in the game. So, whilst that pretty design you saw earlier on the wall didn’t look significant, it almost certainly is.

Environments are  brilliantly random and destined to raise a smile, and maybe even an eyebrow. Each location is packed with detail, as well as a number of friendly and hostile creatures who can aid or hinder you on your journey. I can’t say I have ever played ‘Simon Says’ with an overgrown jungle flower before, but I think I liked it – perhaps even more than I enjoyed playing volleyball with the elephant/foot hybrid animal. To be a fly on the wall of Silicon Jelly’s development offices would be both an enlightening and scarring event, for sure.

mimpi indie puzzle game on pc and ios

Don’t mistake the game’s friendly appearance as an indication of its difficulty; Mimpi‘s canine odyssey is not for the faint hearted. As aforementioned, if you can’t think outside of the box you won’t be able to make your way to the end of the game. Its puzzles can be brutally difficult if you don’t know what you are doing, and seldom will you be able to fumble your way through them. If you manage to find enough lightbulbs though, you can buy hints to help you progress. For a change of pace you can also give Mimpi a makeover with a variety of different costumes.

Silicon Jelly have done a bang-up job porting the game from mobile to PC, and the gameplay never misses a beat. Despite the action lending itself more to a touchscreen, the keyboard and mouse control scheme is intuitive and responsive, too. My only gripe is the oversized mobile phone game interface. A quick re-jig of the menus for PC version would hae been much appreciated, and given a better initial impression of the game, but you can’t have everything, I suppose.

Mimpi is a small dog on a big adventure and you’d be missing out big time if you don’t join him for the fun. It’s a game of joyous discovery that rewards an inquisitive mind with some of the wackiest, off the wall humour curently on the Steam platform. It’s also a generous game, too, with a decent amount of content to keep you scratching your head into the wee hours.

Good dog, Mimpi. Good dog.