Ostrich Island – Review (PC)

Did you know that an ostrich can live for up to 70 years, or, that its kick can kill a lion? Well, now you do, and it is all thanks to Ostrich Island, by MeDungeon Games! We have taken control of goats, become cops, tried our hand at farming and even become slices of bread, so it was high time that an ostrich simulator showed up. They aren’t the brightest of birds though, having not noticed the volcanic eruption going on around them. But neither would you if you spent most of the day with your head in the sand. Our intrepid flightless pal is on a mission to escape the island. rejoin his family, and maybe even pick up some trendy accessories whilst they are at it.

ostrich island indie game review

Ostrich Island splits its levels up over several islands, tasking you with collecting eggs, bugs, and kicking everything in sight. If it’s there, you can kick it! It is slightly reminiscent of games you might find in PC game collections whenever you purchased a new computer, back in the late 1990s; the type that invariably came with various pieces of Kindersley software. That is to say, as a product, Ostrich Island is quite primitive.

The basic objective for each stage is to make it to the bubble portal which transports you to the next stage. Why the portal is made of bubbles is anybody’s guess, maybe ostriches love bubbles, who knows? As an aside, each island has various hidden collectibles like fedora hats, sunglasses, golden eggs and other cosmetic items for you to find. Golden eggs can be used to purchase extra lives if you run out, or you can invest them in new special abilities for your ostrich. If you’ve always wanted to jump or run just that little bit faster you should hang on to them. Sight-seeing types can also use their cameras to take selfies with various items scattered around the island in return for golden eggs, so get snapping!

Nobody likes to be a lonely ostrich though, so you can rope a pal in to play cooperatively with you, or, you know, to kick you into the water repeatedly. It is a given that you will end up kicking the living cluck out of each other, rather than escaping the island, but it is fun all the same!

ostrich island indie game

Just like the “simulator” games that came before it, Ostrich Island is a little bit buggy. Rather, it is a big bit buggy. The various faults run from slightly amusing to frustrating. The most pressing issue is just how slippery your ostrich is to control. They are also very sensitive and will sometimes shoot way ahead of where you wanted them to go, especially when using the run function. Other niggles include the game’s dated graphics and repetitive music, but the jolly archipelago atmosphere goes a long way towards washing those issues away.

There’s no denying that Ostrich Island is a pleasant game to play, and I couldn’t help crack a smile at my own fedora tipping birdie, and I’m a grown (kinda) adult! It is quite clear though that, from its Steam page, this ostrich is meant primarily  for kids; either that or for streamers to play it ironically, like they did with Goat Simulator.

If you do have children Ostrich Island is sure to keep them quite for a few hours, meanwhile the more juvenile among you might also get kick out of cooperatively aggravating your friends. Me on the other hand, I’m still waiting patiently for my sloth simulator. Take note, MeDungeon Games.