Ryan’s Top 5 Games of 2014

Happy new year! We are finally into 2015 now, and it’s time for my look back over my top 5 games of 2014. It’s a bit of a mixed bag as far as genre’s are concerned, and there may be a few surprises in there, but all of my choices are linked by one indisputable fact: they are all of an incredibly high quality, with spit-polished executions. So sit back, relax  and peruse my choices for last years best games!


#5  – Minecraft: Playstation Vita Edition


Granted, it isn’t a very inspired choice for the number five spot, but it is great to have Minecraft on the go. It isn’t quite as packed with features as its PC brother, but the team at 4J Studios are adding more content all the time. Online and local ad-hoc multiplayer keep things social and interesting, and a steady framerate makes Minecraft on Playstation Vita a joy to play.  The latest update adds horses and brings it right up to date with all other console versions, too, meaning that the Vita version is most definitely a priority and not just an afterthought. At its low price, there are very few games that will deliver as much content, or as much fun, as Minecraft: Playstation Vita Edition.



#4  – Sneaky Sneaky


Sneaky Sneaky touts a unique blend of turn-based and real-time stealth strategy, all packaged in a saccharrin sweet wrapper that is reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda series. On your quest to recover your stolen rubies you will come up against some powerful foes, requiring  you to think outside the box to defeat them. There is a high degree of plasticity to the gameplay, allowing you take a direct approach or to think outside the box, and set up traps and other nasty surprises for your enemies. Naiad’s debut title is superbly polished and a great choice for casual or hardcore gamers looking for some light-hearted fun, but  who don’t want to break the bank.



#3  – Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf HD Remastered


Featuring a rich lore and carefully crafted story, Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf HD Remastered  shows that the most powerful GPU in the world isn’t inside some souped-up PC case; it’s inside your head! Mr Dever’s thoughtful and evocative descriptions created images so clear in my mind’s eye that I could almost smell the smoke from the fires, and the blood from my enemies. Lone Wolf Remastered HD is an ideal starting point for gamers just dipping their toes into  fantasy novels, and will no doubt please long – time fans of the series, too.



#2  – The Long Dark


Hinterland Studios broke the mould this year with their survival game, The Long Dark.  You are the lone survivor of a plane crash, after a freak magnetic storm, and find yourself stranded in the arctic with nothing for company but the ravenous wolves as they stalk you from the trees. To stay alive you must scavenge what little food and items you can, and keep moving. You’ll need to fend of hunger and thirst, whilst keeping yourself clothed and warm. The Long Dark’s greatest asset is its barren arctic tundra, its lack of companionship and the cold reality that you will die if you don’t manage to find enough supplies to keep going.  They are more terrifying than any zombie could ever be.



#1  – This War of Mine


This War of Mine presents the harsh realities of war in a manner never before seen in videogames. Forget Call of Duty and forget Battlefield; TWoM portrays the true victims of war, the normal civilians,  doing what they have to do to get by – no matter how unpalatable it may be. It doesn’t glorify death, killing or theft, it simply depicts them as an inevitability when civilians have no other choice. Its characters are deep, each with touching personal stories of their own, and you’ll want to help them get through the war with as little damage, be it physical or psychological, as possible. But when the night falls, and the cupboards are bare they could be forced to act uncharacteristically in order to survive.

This War of Mine is an emotionally evocative masterpiece and a bold step forward for videogames as an art form, and that’s why it is my game of the year!



So, another year’s over and a new one has just begun. We have got lots to look forward to this year, much of which we might not even know about yet, but take a moment to think back on your top games of 2014. Have I got it right on the money, or am I way off? Leave your picks below!