Top 10 Indie Games on Playstation Vita


Sony might have ditched support for the Playstation Vita shortly after launch, but that doesn’t mean game over for the system, not by a long shot. The handheld has found huge support from the indie development community and is home to a vibrant and eclectic mix of games from smaller studios, all over the world. Cutting those games down for a “top ten” list was a tough task, but I hope you agree that the following games represent the best of the best of Playstation Vita indie games. Enjoy.

10 – Joe Danger

Despite launching on Xbox 360 a long time before it debuted on Vita, Joe Danger proved to an excellent mash-up of Excitebike and the Tony Hawk games. Playing as Joe, you’ll maneuver through treacherous race courses and pull off ridiculous stunts and jumps. Stay tuned for a review of Joe Danger 2: The Movie coming later this week!


9 – Olli Olli

Prior to its launch, the buzz surrounding OlliOlli was huge. Its tough-as-nails old school skating action resonated with gamers who had long since abandoned the Tony Hawk series, in search of a pure experience that heralded skateboarding above all. OlliOlli‘s trick list is expansive, its design sublime and its gameplay hard as nails. Since launch it has found its way to PC and most other consoles, but its home will always be on the Playstation Vita.


8 – Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender DX

Tikipod’s diminutive underwater feline-themed shooter originally launched on Playstation Mobile as a Vita compatible game, but it received a native port in late 2014 that reminded me of exactly why I loved it in the first place. Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender DX builds on the original game’s frantic underwater  bullet-hell, milk fracking escapades by tightening up its visuals and includes a tough arcade mode that challenges you to make it through the entire game on one life. Purrfect!



7 – TxK

It could be argued that TxK developer, Jeff “the yak” Minter, has been dining out on the same game formula for years, but when it’s this fun, who cares? TxK is the spiritual successor to Tempest 2000, and has you shooting down various geometric shapes as you travel across faithfully reproduced vector arenas. It’s better than a weekend in Basingstoke, trust me!

6 –  Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone is an interesting entity: it’s a game that feels exceptionally human,with characters that have feelings and emotions – despite the fact that they are simple four-sided geometric shapes. Developer Mike Bithell played to his strengths, crafting a tale that is captivating, touching and humorous, allowing the player to overlook the game’s simplistic aesthetic. Danny Wallace’s fantastic narration is sure to keep you hooked, as he skillfully breathes life into the game’s numerous characters, too.