Top 5 Friday Presents: Top 5 Indie Game Developer Meltdowns!


2 – Mike Maulbeck (Known For: Paranautical Activity)

Ever since he first appeared on the game development scene, Mike has been a bit of an abrasive chap.  His development studio, Code Avarice, have a bit of a history with Steam. Initial attempts to successfully greenlight Paranautical Activity proved to be unfruitful and, instead, they opted to try again with a publisher, which also proved to be a no go.  Valve didn’t take too kindly to Code Avarice’s attempts to circumvent their greenlight campaign and denied the game access to the store. But this wasn’t the end of the saga, oh no. A while later, after the game stumbled across the greenlight finish line, Maulbeck threatened to kill Valve CEO, Gabe Newell, for minor problems relating to their game’s store page. Code Avarice and Paranautical later found themselves in the sin bin, and have been mostly unheard from since.


1 – Phil Fish

You all knew it was coming: nobody in the industry does drama like Phil Fish does. Whether it is all theatrics, designed purely as a promotional tool,  or the real deal, is still up for debate, but Fish has quickly become an indie gaming villain, thanks to his course language and lack of a social filter. Indeed, a quick look through Google images brings up countless examples of Fish’s foul-mouthed Twitter escapades. More recently, Fish announced that he was leaving the industry for good, and, to many gamer’s disappointment, had cancelled Fez 2. It’s still unknown whether this Fish will swim back to game development, Fez 2 in tow, but we can still hope that he does.


Does the indie game scene need these controversial figures to keep it in the limelight, or do you think that we are better off without them? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.