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Daniel is confused at what to write here, you maybe no read. You still read? Okay. Daniel make games, Daniel write stories, Daniel make reviews, Daniel take people on spiritual journey through magical world using dice and paper, Daniel know ancient art of ninja, Daniel cook good chicken.You still read?! Ok... Daniel have own blog, Daniel talk about making games through 1010 magic or through ink on paper.No more, no read!

Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of Night – Review (PC)

With the ever increasing presence of technology in our day to day lives, it makes sense that we would do away with the old in favour of the sleeker, sexier new. Letters, books, dvds, and boardgames have all been snatched up by this digital monster. This week we look at a game that probably should have been left where it was, Chainsaw Warrior: Lord Of Night.

Why Bad Textures Are A Good Thing

There have been lots of complaints about Dragon Age: Inquisition’s texture pop in and how it’s apparently “terrible” and “detracts from the experience”. These people were destined to have the subtle point fly straight over their head from the beginning but I’m here to try and help you understand.